Saturday, March 5, 2011

Yarn Crawl Haul or More Patterns than I Require

I was aware that there was a yarn crawl going on here in Portland this weekend, but we'd actually planned our morning around getting tickets to the last best ever concert (and failed by just a few people! We'll try again tomorrow.) So after having really yummy bagels with tofutti cream cheese and wandering around a bit, we ended up stopping by Happy Knits and Yarn Garden. I entered a raffle, and picked up several patterns from Yarn Garden's free bins even though at first I said "oh, I dunno, I have enough patterns..."

assorted patterns

Yep, this picture isn't even half of what I grabbed. I picked 4 single patterns, 3 pamphlets, and an InKnitters Magazine. What can I say? Knitters do like to collect. Chuck laughed at me when I promptly headed for my computer upon getting home to see which I could find on Ravelry. As far as I can tell only the magazine and one of the pamphlets are on there, and my favorite patterns for each weren't listed. Oh well.

These were my favorites from the Inknitters Magazine, Fall 2006:
InKnitters Inknitters

I also really liked these crochet wraps from a Katia pamphlet, using Gatsby, a Metallic/Rayon/Nylon blend:
Katia Mujer - 04 - Gatsby Lux Katia Mujer 6 - 03 - Gatsby
My knitting project queue just got quite a bit larger in a very short period of time! Not to mention browsing the yarn shops also got me interested in several yarns I hadn't really seen before and would love to try...


Leslie said...

Did you finish the Saartje booties? The sets I made for the expected twins were very cute and well received at the shower, however the sewing to knitting ratio was a little much for me.

Emma K. said...

I got through most of one, then decided to frog it. Yeah, there's a lot of seaming. I also got a little thrown by the button cast on. So I decided I had plenty of yarn, and I'm 2/3rds done with a sweater. I figured I'd try the booties again after that, and try to make sure they match!