Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sock Yarn!

Sock Yarn

Chuck: I need socks!
Emma: Buy me sock yarn, I'll make you some.

Repeat that a bunch of times and apparently it gets you sock yarn! I also may have mentioned that elann had some pretty cheap sock yarn that's supposed to be similar to cascade fixation which I've used and liked. I've been wanting to give it try and now I have 8 socks worth of it, so it had better work out. It looks pretty similar so far, down to the excessive plastic wrap even. I'm pretty happy with the colors we got, chuck was nice enough to buy some colors I liked (on the left, mostly) as well as his picks (on the right, blacks, greens grays. Although I think that brown was one of my picks.) The only color that looks a bit different than I was expecting is the wine, which is a bit pinker than I thought it would be...but that's not doing too bad for picking out colors online.

Of course now comes the hard part, picking out patterns and doing the work. I did a search on ravelry for "in my library" &/or "in my queue" &/or "in my favorites" &/or "free" or something like that, and had Chuck look over my shoulder at the results, and these were the ones he was okay with so far:
I think I will be picking out a few Cookie A. projects from Sock Innovation for myself, since many of them were out for Chuck since they had holes or were just a little too girly.


VeganCraftastic said...

Nice selection! I'll be interested in how you like the yarn, I've never tried it.

affectioknit said...

That yarn looks awesome - and what a great price! Definitely post a review of the yarn and how it wears!

Emma K. said...

I'll try to remember to write up a review. I'm sure I'll have a pretty good idea how I feel about this yarn if I can make it through all 8 pairs of socks!