Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Portland Walks: Division & Hawthorne

Fish Gutter Clinton Condos
This weekend we took a long walk out on Division and back on Hawthorne. It was the first time we've gone out along Division St. and there are a few newer buildings we found interesting. A small building had an elaborate gutter/sculpture, on the left, complete with salmon swimming upstream. I really like the Clinton Condos, on the right, by Holst Architects again.  Mostly we were walking through residential areas just appreciating nicely landscaped lawns and plant life. I browsed a little at a used furniture shop and Powell's Home & Garden Bookshop on Hawthorne. 

Horse Project Flying Cat Coffee Co.
Portland has horse hitches installed in the sidewalks all around the city. When I was trying to find out more about the history of that, I found out about The Horse Project. A few years ago someone started attaching toy horses to them. This weekend on Division I found one, and I think it was pretty neat that it was an old wooden one. Also: Flying Cat Coffee. I adore the illustration and the whole idea. We didn't stop by this weekend because it was too late for coffee, but we will be back soon, the name, illustration, etc...just too perfect.

Nirvana Bridge Up
We crossed the Hawthorne bridge twice on this walk, and both times we had to wait on the bridge. Funny since before this weekend we hadn't had that happen yet. The first time was for the Portland Spirit and on the way back a small sail boat. It was a nice day to be out!

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