Thursday, March 3, 2011

Found Hydrangea

Found, Dried Hydrangea  Found, Dried Hydrangea

When we hiked up to the Pittock Mansion over the weekend I was so excited to find this hydrangea flower on the ground. It was in the road, actually, likely to get crushed the next time some one drove by, so in a sense I saved it, although it is already dead. Even so it's very pretty, I was staring at the transparency and texture in the petals as we made our way home. (Although it was pretty cold. I am glad I was wearing mittens while I held it.)

I love the idea of finding things from nature and bringing them inside for decorating the apartment, but I've never had much luck finding great looking stuff. Around Christmas this year I really wanted to find a nice big branch to bring in, hang on the wall and hang stockings from. However, between the fact that it's wet here all winter long and the fact that they seem to clear fallen branches out of the Park Blocks every night, I did not not find a branch this year. Maybe next year!

Meanwhile I think this dead hydrangea is so gorgeous. I am hoping it stays dried and reasonably well preserved, I'd like to have it around for a while. I don't know a lot about keeping dried flowers so this will be an interesting experiment.

Right now it's in a white bud vase from Ikea, which is a little big for it, but I love the colors together. I'm going to keep it with my blue votive holders from World Market (which are no longer on their site.) It's a very inexpensive arrangement, but very pretty nonetheless.

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