Sunday, March 13, 2011

Music Videos: Loch Lomond, Say Hi, The Living Sisters & Yelle

I love music videos!

This was one of the tracks featured on the Best Ever Mixtape they passed out at the Google concerts, and I already marked it as on of my favorites the first time I listened to the tape. The video is just great, directed by Seattle Based photographer Hayley Young.

I recently downloaded Say Hi's latest album Um, Uh Oh from emusic and I've been listening to it a bunch. I didn't know much of anything about the band but have since found out they used to be called "Say Hi to Your Mom". It's mostly one guy, Eric Elbogen, and they're (he's) based in Seattle. The video uses Seattle locations, including the Queen Anne Public School turned condos, which we used to live very close to. I found one pic of it in my old flickr sets, though it's not of the main entrance used in the video.

Michel Gondry directed this music video for The Living Sisters. I'm a big fan of Michel Gondry (although I haven't seen The Green Hornet yet...) and this split-screen story telling reminds me of the Cibo Matto video for Sugar Water, one of my favorites. Plus the subject matter is especially appropriate for me this month since someone I know is expecting!

I also really liked this double video from Yelle, but it's over 8 minutes long. It even has a sort of small intermission, which might be my favorite part.

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