Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kerry Park Panorama

Kerry Park Panorama 2.25.08
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I'm lucky enough to walk by one of the coolest view points in Seattle at least twice a week on my way to work these days. I thought I'd use it as an opportunity to document one location the same way on a weekly basis.

Actually, It brings to mind the movie Smoke. I don't remember exactly what that movie was about (maybe it wasn't about anything?) The main thing I remember is that Harvey Keitel's character stepped outside his shop every day to photograph the same corner the same way each time. I've wanted to do something like this since I saw that movie in 1995.

Anyway you can find my weekly documentation on my flickr site here:

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First Sale of 2008!!

Earthy Necklace
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It took some time but it finally happened. I'm please to be sending the Earthy necklace off to a different part of the country. As soon as I get home tonight I'll be packaging it up to ship asap!

It's particularly satisfying to sell this one since it's a similar style to one of the very first necklaces I made for etsy. The tassle necklace, pictured above, in my blog's banner, was one I made for myself orginally. I liked it so much I made it again for the shop.

Which brings me to the thought that I really need to kick myself in the butt tonight and photograph some stuff. Tassle currently isn't in the shop. It's hanging out in expired items at the moment because I felt I wasn't happy with the photos I had for it. And so I haven't relisted it yet. As I mentioned before I have a bunch of new stuff to photograph and list as well. So feel free to send me psychic "get your butt in gear and take some photos woman!" messages this evening!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Assorted items

I think I'm going to retire the blog schedule for the time being. If it's going to stay as nice out as it was this week, I don't think I have any chance of succeeding at it. In the meantime I think I'll just keep it in the back of my head and try to post more often.

So last week I went for walks, knit obsessively and took panoramic photos of Kerry Park for the second week in a row. Kerry Park is a spectacular viewpoint of Seattle that I get to walk by on my way to work at least twice a week. So I figured it was about time I start taking some snapshots of it.

Otherwise I've been slow about posting items up on Etsy lately. I guess I haven't really established any kind of routine with the photography and everything else, so it's a little hard to keep to it when it gets really nice out. I've got some stuff I've been meaning to get up for a while now. So soon you'll see more hopefully!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oops, I'm a little behind

2.20.08 Lunar Eclipse
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So I sort of lapsed on staying on schedule. I was thinking about doing a make-up post, sort of posting an update on each topic on the schedule in one giant post. I even started it and everything, but then got distracted and didn't finish it. I've had thoughts on all of the topics over the last week, I wanted to post stuff. I just never got around to it.

So I'm behind. And not quite feeling like starting back up with a feature today! But I'd like to get back on track with my blogging schedule. So I may try the summary post soon and start from there!

Meanwhile, last night was a lunar eclipse! It's a difficult thing to photograph (esp. with a pretty old Canon Powershot) it was much prettier in person!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Knitting Hats

I've made 2 attempts at making hats recently. Neither have gone very well, but I've learned to knit in the round and it goes pretty quickly. I'm not going to post pictures because they haven't turned out very well.

Updated (got a little busy this week, kinda threw this post out to attempt to keep to my schedule): The first had I learned knitting in the round on my way to go snowshoing and finished a whole hat on the way there and back. That was pretty exciting. But then I found out I cast off too tightly and couldn't get it on my head. So I undid it and dropped some stitches in the process. It looks alright and matches a scarf I made so I think I will fix it up when I get a chance.

The second one I started monday and worked on it a little bit in the evenings this week. It was the same pattern, but in a different kind of yarn. The first one was a fluffy yarn making it a little hard to work with, so I thought I would try the same pattern in a yarn that would allow me to see what I was doing a little better. It's turned out alright, I guess will see if it looks better after blocking it, some of the stitches are loose. But at least I didnt' drop any!

It isn't my first go at knitting a hat, and I guess actually not my first knitting in the round, but it is my first knitting in the round with double pointed needles. Last year I made the Kittyville hat from Stitch'n'bitch. It worked from the bottom up, whereas these (a free pattern from Berroco for chincilla yarn) work top down. I probably will have some photos up eventually, after I put some effort into finishing these hats off! I didn't mean to sound so negative about it when I posted earlier, I was tired I guess. I'm actually excited about my progress knitting hats!

EtsyRain Swimmy

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What is it about a button eye? I was struggling a little bit, not very convinced about what I had attempted with my swimmy entry up until I added a button eye. Then it suddenly seemed like a nice friendly fish.

Once I did that I got the idea to add some spirals by stitching on silver sead beads. It kind of made me think of the spirals up at the Ballard Fish Ladder here in Seattle. I think I may like to add a few more, but it's getting late!

This is a response to the call for orange fish to surround a handmade swimmy recieved at Etsy HQ with some friends. Swimmy is the name and main character of a children's book that Etsy's founder, Rob Kalin, sees as the inspiration for etsy's vision.

The Seattle Street Team EtsyRain decided to send entries in as a team, and try where we could to work in the team name. Some have started popping up in our flickr pools:

And there's also a flickr pool for everyone sending in Swimmys Called Underwater Diorama

Monday, February 11, 2008

Consistency is Overrated?

Circles of Blue
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I've been playing with my photography recently. When I started my shop I was pretty excited to play around with how to present my work. Early on I went through my bookshelves looking for new ideas for backgrounds, went outside, and tried all sorts of things. I think it was a good way to start off, I had fun, learned a lot and I think I managed to get some really cool shots too.

But now I've been around for a while and consistency seems like a good idea. For one I was making a big mess every time I photographed. After you pull all those books off the shelf you have to put them away, apparently. And that's no fun. Especially when ideally I'd be photographing every night or every other night.

So the current style I'm using involves tracing patterns in pencil onto white paper. I'm happy with this idea for now. It still allows me to find something cool in a book or elsewhere, I just have to trace it first. Which is work I guess, but it's the kind of task I enjoy, and I don't have to mess with clipping down a book to stay open, throwing fabric around or whatever else I was doing that made such a mess.

I would like to have color background as well, I just haven't figured out how I might want to do those yet. And I've had a little trouble keeping the white a consistent white in all the photos. Eh, it's a step toward consistency. There are always ways to improve!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Red Sale

I decided to mark down some items in my shop, on a Valentine's day theme. Of course the cards I made recently are marked down, additionally everything red, or in one case an item I photographed with a red background.

I ship with usps first class, and anything purchased this weekend is likely to go out right away. I believe that this means there's a chance it will get to where it's going by next Thursday or Friday. Particularly if it's not going too far from Seattle, WA.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Caucus your butt off

Well, originally I was thinking my Friday "Mixed Media" posts would be all about movies and music and other things that inspire me. But today I feel a need to talk a bit about caucusing here in WA. I figure "Mixed media" is a pretty general term and it fits somewhat.

So. I'm new to these parts, or at least haven't voted in a presidential primary before. I discovered that in WA they have both a Caucus and a primary. From what I have read, caucuses have always been the main thing here. In 1988 there was a vote and people decided they wanted to start having primaries. But it was still up to the political parties to decide how to distribute delegates. So the Republicans decided that they'd sorta split it 50/50 (caucusing/primaries) and the democrats decided to ignore the primaries completely and focus on delegates. I gathered that this has something to do with the fact that the polling costs the government money they don't feel is unnecessary because they are perfectly happy to have caucuses.

However we may feel about this, it is incredibly important to understand how the system works. It means that if you are a democrat, you can fill out your ballot, but it doesn't mean anything in this presidential race. If you're a republican you can do either/or or both. Caucuses will be held TOMORROW at 1pm, and it's best to get there early. You can register to vote on site, or reregister if you have recently moved. The important thing is to figure out where your caucus site is and go. Now Like I said, I'm new, so I don't know what will happen exactly. But here are a few websites that can help you out:

And a descriptive post about what happens from Seattlest:

I hope this helps, no matter how you vote!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Feature: Orange Peel Enamel

I'm not entirely sure how I found out about Etsy to begin with. When I moved out to Seattle in 2004 I tried to make a point of finding out what some of the major local craft shows were and went. I have a tendency to pick up cards rather than purchase impulsively. I may have mentioned in the past I'm an incredibly indecisive buyer, I often regret not purchasing something really cool because of this. Anyway, I remember that I started seeing links to etsy on the cards I picked up (etsy is fantastic for people like me, I don't know how I functioned before it) around the same time I found out about Orange Peel Enamel.

Back in Columbus, OH I spent about a year taking weekly classes with a friend at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center on Enameling. From the shop name alone I was hooked, Orange Peel is a description of the appearance of the enamel at a certain stage in firing. I was also really impressed by the accuracy of her work. Eames Chairs, leaves, Wallpaper patterns all with very crisp edges, something I hadn't quite learned how to achieve and perhaps hadn't even thought to try yet. And her worked match my aesthetic sensibilities incredibly well. (Architects love eames chairs, in fact I had a whole project designed around one in school.)

Anyway, for some reason I didn't buy a necklace right away, part of my weird problem. (sometimes I get a little overwhelmed and like everything and can't make up my mind!) But that's why I have my boyfriend. For my birthday or Valentine's day, not sure which, he picked out not one but two necklaces from Orange Peel Enamel. They are pictured above, and they are fantastic. I really love the way the metal warms up with the temperature of your body. One of these days I'll go back to enameling, in the meantime I enjoy wearing the necklaces from Orange Peel to remind myself of the potential of the medium.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Goccoing the walls of my apartment

Crafty Jewelry Hanging project
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I would if I could. Instead last night I made a thing to hang my jewelry on. I just used a sheet of black foamcore, cup hooks and some mirrors from Ikea. And of course Gold Gocco Ink. I think I'm in love with Riso's metallics.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It seems like everywhere you turn there's another article about crafty cool looking jewelry storage. This was somewhat influenced by that, but I think it turned out pretty unique!

The shape I printed with was derived from a pattern (also in black & gold) that I found on a paper I used for some decor above my desk. Yeah, that was another big recent accomplishment.I cleaned and organized my space and actually put up some nice looking stuff above my desk!

Now I just need to try to stay organized.

P.S. I am playing with the idea of having a regular blog schedule, meaning posting certain topics on certain days of the week. I've got a plan of action blog schedule up on the left, and I will see how that goes.