I'm an Architectural Designer & Etsy Seller currently living in Portland, OR with my boyfriend Chuck and my cat Lucy. (see the People page for more info on those characters.)

Prior to settling in Portland we lived in Chicago, IL from 2008 - 2010, where Chuck attended IIT for his Master of Architecture. Before that we lived in Seattle, WA from 2004 to 2008 for my Master of Architecture at UW and a few years working in the city. We are both originally from Columbus, OH where we met in the undergraduate architecture program at Ohio State University.

After I finished with my schooling, I started up an Etsy shop. I picked up beaded jewelry-making again, got into knitting, printmaking & got involved with the Seattle Etsy Team EtsyRain. I love learning about all sorts of crafts. I learned about jewelry making with my mom and used to sell beaded jewelry to my classmates in elementary school. I also like to take classes to learn new crafts thus far including letterpress, copper enameling, pottery and glass fusing. Hopefully one day I'll be able to set up a little studio to practice one or perhaps a few of these crafts. 

I've also been a vegetarian for 9 years. Charles is a vegan, and I support him so we don't keep any non-vegan food in our home. I love to eat out vegan as well, and it's really only on rare occasions that I have something non-vegan. I'm an all vegan knitter/crafter as well, I use bamboo, hemp, and linen when I can affort it, and usually cotton and acrylic when I can't. Everything in my Etsy shop is vegan. Sometimes our vegan cooking shows up on the blog too.

I also try to balance crafting for my Etsy Shop with my personal projects, so you will see plenty of each here on the blog, especially knitting! Other interests covered here include vegan food, cats, film & theater, music, exploring & walking, architecture, photography, art and much much more!