Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Magnet Madness

Sunday afternoon was spent in the realm of magnet madness with girls from etsyrain. We discovered it takes a while to cut out a bunch of little round pieces of paper. A hole punch to roughly the correct size was helpful, but the marbles have a little bit more character than a hole punch can handle. I think most of us ended up stopping before the gluing stage, since it was already getting late, so we wouldn't be waiting for the glue to dry. So we each finished them off on our own.

I completed mine last night, and I was debating posting some pictures. At least half of the ones I made are going to be gifted. Maybe more. I haven't decided yet. A few may appear in my shop. But I figure it does just as good for visuals to post some links to the magnets the other etsyrainers have posted in their shops. Anandi's adorable Molecule & Cell magnet set has already sold, and I can see why. Congrats! And I'm sure Kimberly's Green Revolution magnets won't be avaliable much longer either. I can't think of too many items out there that allow you to choose between a message about the environment or good old fun with anagrams!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Good to be busy!

Monday - Buying Supplies, Making 20 pendants for Etsyrain Sampler contribution
Tuesday - Finishing Magnets from Etsyrain's Marble Magnet Madness Party.
Wednsday - Making cookies for ACE kids.
Thursday - ACE.

So that's the stuff I feel I must do this week. I would also like to cram in some photoshoots and listing of items, some ornament making for 2 ornament exchange parties coming up, making my christmas cards, and I'm sure there is more.

Actually I just found out about an architecture competition for an artist's housing project in texas. Just meaning 2 or 3 weeks ago and I've been procrastinating doing anything about it. I feel I should really enter this one since my thesis in grad school was about artist housing. But the timing is not so great. It would be due end of January so I would have to have a pretty good idea of what I'm doing before christmas comes around. And I haven't really thought about it much yet, and I'm pretty happy just focusing on crafting and christmas shopping, baking and fun stuff. So we will see, if I don't get going on it in the next week then oh well. But I'm sure I'll find enough to do these days either way!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Grab Bag Teaser Photos

Teaser Photo
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Teaser Photo
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Marlo of Imakecutestuff was the first one to provide teaser photos for her etsy rain grab bags. I thought this was a great idea so I copied. You can get some idea of the colors and textures you will get in your grab bag, but we're not giving everything away. So I've updated my listings to include these photos!

Friday, November 23, 2007

First Atempt at Gocco

First Gocco
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I love 4 day weekends. Chuck and I finally got a chance to play with my new Gocco Machine. We just tried it out. So far we watched the silly 1980s video instructions then attempted making a print with an image off our printer at home. Which they told us not to do several times in the video; Carbon helps in the process or something. I guess the images would probably turn out crisper if we'd followed directions properly. We were both anxious to play, and it was good to see first hand how it turns out. If/when we can get away with using the home printer, it would be more convenient. We also just used paint directly from the tube without mixing...and egad, those are some bright colors. All in all it was a good first go.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Christmas Time is Near!

Holly Earrings
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Happy Hoildays!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sampler Bags!

I'm really excited to have these in my shop. Last night 10 members of etsyrain got together to prepare these fun mystery bags. I got to come home with two bags full of goodies by other wonderful etsyrain sellers. There was even a super friendly cat who enjoyed my lap for a while! (If you've guessed by my shop name I'm a huge fan of cats. However you spell it!)

These would be a great way to fill someone's stocking for Christmas this year. Each bag has 5 items worth *At Least* $10 each, but we're selling the bags for $25 plus shipping. So they really are all very nice gifts! It would be a really easy and fun way to fill up a buy handmade stocking! I'm excited! Oh, hey, I said that already.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


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Here's some of what I nabbed at the gem stone yesterday. 10 strands for $50, I couldn't resist. I also bought a few kinds of chain and some interesting vintage Lucite flowers. Not too many findings at this show, but I did grab some sterling ear wires at a reasonable price.

I've got free reentry tickets for today but I think I've had my fill.


Originally uploaded by emmakat79

Originally uploaded by emmakat79

I nabbed a few treasuries in celebration of the gem show I went to this weekend. One is assorted gems (tried to have as many different gems as possible.) The other was inspired somewhat by the gem show, also by the fact that I recently made a necklace in goldstone myself and it's a pretty and sparkly stone.

I promise to post more about what I grabbed up at the gem show later!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

"Operating on four bits of raw fish"

I usually don't "woo" at concerts. But I did a lot of wooing last night at the MIA show. It helps when you can't hear very well anymore, I found. And M.I.A. was worth wooing for. She's definitely evolved as a performer. Back when Arular just came out Chuck and I saw her open for LCD Soundsystem. She still knew how to energize a crowd but seemed like the whole thing was brand new to her. Now she seems to perform with more confidence. Both performances were fantastic. And this time she came armed with an amazing set of visuals. Definitely the best video backdrop I have ever seen at a live show. It made me want to bang on drums with the hopes that cartoonish explosions and drops will result from the impact.

The opener was pretty good, the cool kids. Made me feel a little old on my birthday though, they were bringing back a bit of the early 90s rap and fresh prince style. It doesn't seem old enough to make a come back. (Not that I don't enjoy it.)

Ambika was also there, although I didn't run into her, and she posted some pics on her blog. I never know if it's a good idea to take a camera these days, but at least I can always check flickr for pics by other concert goers, and this time it's a fellow etsyrain member!

So after all of that, it's taking me a while to get going this morning! Woke up late, drinking coffee slowly, and still I feel very groggy. But, I'm about to head out finally to check out that gem show at the seattle center!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I decided to open my b-day presents from Charles (my boyfriend) on my birthday eve, since we have a packed evening tomorrow. I was not surprised, but ridiculously pleased to open the PG-11 Gocco machine! Yey! Just in time to make my own Christmas cards on Thanksgiving weekend!

I've been eying the work in the gocco pool on flickr for a while.

I have many ideas....but I'll have to spend some time playing with it and see what I can do first!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

There wasn't an evil plan B!

There's no plan b for my evil plan of not shopping for supplies for a while... I just found out there's a big gem & jewelry show at the Seattle Center this weekend. And my grandma just sent me birthday money with a nice note about how I should "buy whatever pleases" me, jewelry supplies, clothing, etc. And then they go and throw a gem shop on my birthday within walking distance. How are you supposed to have a plan b for that situation? I think my evil plan has officially been thwarted.

Actually, I believe I have been to this particular show before, back in the hometown, Cols, OH. I guess it goes around the country tempting poor unsuspecting etsy sellers on their birthdays. Well ok. Not that situation per se. But close.

So by this point in the post readers may have come to the conclusion that my birthday is soon. Friday. I turn 28. I've been feeling a little freaked out about getting closer to 30 all year, since I turned 27. My reaction to that was pretty much 3 years is year it'll only be two years until I'm 30! ack! But now that it's so soon I feel strangely fine about it. At some point today I realized that I'm happy cause I still have two years before I am 30. So there will still be some freaking out coming my way in a few years...but for now I'm happy about my age!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, Going to see M.I.A. on Friday! Yey! (beware, her website may induce epileptic fits)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lucy Interupting

Lucy Interupting
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We have a mild mannered cat, contrary to what it looks like in this photo, really we do! My cat Lucy quietly crept up onto the table where I was messing with some photography last night. (It got really dark really quickly buy the way, when she first got on the table there was still some handy natural light! Not a fan of daylight savings, ugh.) We didn't have the heart to move her...or turn off the lights. It seems our cat has found a good way to combat Seasonal affective disorder early in this year! Two hardware store lamps keep kitty's fur pretty warm, rather like laying in a bright sunbeam, FYI.

She's yawning in the photo, after I woke her up with my photo taking. Funny kitty!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cute things

I just got a message via astulabee at Indiepublic about this adorable holiday competition:
Even though I don't know anyone involved personally, I couldn't resist posting a link to the cuteness. There are some great entries. I also was thinking of my Mom who is a big fan of art dolls. That and as an architect I was really impressed by the plush Guggenheim museum by blueblythemonster.

Also, since I'm in a mood to talk about other people today, my friend Ashley keeps posting gorgeous cards over at Every time she posts a new card I'm impressed. And it seems like the perfect time to buy cards. She's got some great seasonal cards, thank you cards and I seem to know a lot of people with birthdays coming up!

I've got some work to do today. I bought a showcase for Tomorrow & Monday. Tomorrow I'll be featured on the Jewelry category page, something etsy just started to offer. Then Monday I will be in the Storque showcase. So hopefully these will go well and get more people interested in my shop! I'm planning on going through my already listed items and reviewing and revising my descriptions. Also I should probably get a few more items ready!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Blue Floral Set

Blue Floral Set
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I've just made my first all matching set of earrings, necklace bracelet. Someone could be completely decked out with jewelry from Emmakat! That's a fun idea. I listed the bracelet and earrings as a set this evening, and there's a matching necklace available separately that was listed a few nights ago.

I'd like to offer anyone who reads my blog and would like to purchase all three items $2 off. Just contact me through a conversation on etsy after you place an order but before you pay and I will send a revised invoice. Just mention you read about the discount on my blog!

The matching necklace is avaliable here:

As a side note this set will be the same that will be available in the etsyrain sample boxes coming to the shop soon!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Woes about Supplies

So the bead store I usually shop at had a crazy sale last weekend, everything in the store 20% off. I didn't go crazy, I restrained myself. (I probably should have gone crazier actually.) But it's the fact that I'm there pretty often, something like weekly. (*ahem* also bead shop near where I work for "quick" trips.) Only recently, which I guess is to be expected starting out, but its adding up. I try to be reasonable about every visit but I still feel like I am getting carried away.

Anyway, unless sales pick up a whole lot I think I'm going to try not to buy supplies...see how long I can go. I've been thinking about the idea of knitting up some scarves for the shop. I'm thinking that this way if I run out of beading ideas for supplies I have I will be forced to switch and finally accomplish a scarf for the shop. (I'm oh so clever at tricking myself that way. It's all part of my evil plan. Yeah, that's right, that's as evil as I get. I knit.)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weekend Update

I was a little busy this week so my posting got a bit lighter. Okay, so some of that was obsessing over that whole treasury thing, you may have seen a few posts about that...I think I've had my fill of that for now and I can now have a healthier relationship with etsy treasuries. This one will probably be my last for a little while:

In the non-internet realm, My office is involved in a mentoring program that helps high school students get an understanding of what Architecture, construction management and engineering (for buildings) is all about. They get to create their own project and mentors from all the related fields are there to help them out. So this was the first official week of that program. This is the second year I've been involved and It's challenging, but I'm really glad something like this exists.

Also, I stopped by to check out the etsyrain show at Stir during the artwalk last Thursday. Great space, packed with wonderful goodies and friendly people!

So, it's not just the treasuries causing my light posting this week...really, it's not. I did manage to get a few new items up in my shop this week that I'm particularly happy with. Especially the bracelet! And I think they have nice a autumn palate going. Although autumn is about halfway over by now I suppose!

Golden Bracelet
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