Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shopwide Sale in the Etsy Shop

This weekend only Etsy is promoting BOGO deals throughout the site (you can read more here) and Emmakat is joining the fun. The deals is Buy one, get one 50% off for this weekend only! (Aug. 28-30)

How to benefit from this wonderful deal, you ask? Simply enter the code "Weekend Deals" in the Message to Seller during checkout and specify your "get one" preference that's equal to or lesser in value to the item purchased. Wait for a revised invoice before paying, or pay first and I will refund you through paypal. Happy shopping!

I'm hoping that perhaps having a few sales this weekend will motivate me to make a bunch of new stuff for the shop I've been thinking about making for a while!

Monday, August 24, 2009

French Water Show

Bike on water

Timing has been working out very well for me lately. I've been very busy! Anyway, an example of this is the fact that I found out about a free show out at navy pier Sunday morning. It turned out it was scheduled for Friday and Saturday, so I would've missed it. But there were technical issues that caused them to reschedule the event for last night. So we made it!

It's thanks to Chicagoist that we made it, you can read about the troupe of French "waterfools" (that was the name of the show) here. It reminded me a little of Le Petit Prince to start with only a few characters, one of whom was setting up street lamps on the water. It also reminded me of the Fremont Solstice festival...the performance part...which typically follows the parade or naked bike ride. Of course it was definitely it's own thing, with fireworks, fire, cars, boats, and all kinds of crazy stuff going on. Very glad I found the most interesting way possible to spend our Sunday night!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stay in and Craft

We tried to go out yesterday only to find the weather very uncomfortable. It rained for a few days (making for a muddy start to lollapalooza I gather) and then midday yesterday the sun came out. So we tried to venture out only to be confronted with the kind of humidity that we orginally left the midwest to get away from! It hasn't been like that too much here since we moved here last year, and I'm hoping in general, it's not common for Chicago, we are by a lake. So we made the quickest trip out, getting to the red line station only to decide it just wasn't worth being outside.

Necklace for myself Necklace for myself

So we stayed in. I got some crafting done. Made a few necklaces for myself. My craft supplies are dwindling a bit and I haven't had the resources to restock them for a little while now. So, cobbling together what I had left, these will be for me, rather than for the shop. Hopefully in the near future I'll be able to get more supplies, I like how this one turned out and I'd like to keep it as a prototype for future items that might show up in the shop. For a clasp I finally put to use the handmade silver latch I made a year or so ago in a class with Marlo! Another reason this necklace is for me, cause that clasp is special to me. I also started a sewing project, which is still in progress. I hope it goes far so good...but we'll see.