Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Parliament of Vegan Owl Cookies

I've really been wanting to try to make these since the moment I saw them on tumblr (which it looks like was about month ago.) The originals were from The Cinnamon Tree Bakery in London, England, picked up/photographed at the Borough Market by LipglossJunkie and posted on flickr well over a year ago. One of my flickr contacts, Sonya Phillip, made them recently too, and I think I must have gotten the idea to add the wings from her. (She does very cool knit art, by the way, worth checking out!)

Parliament of Owl Cookies Parliament of Owl Cookies

I used the Shortbread recipe from Vegan Cookies. It made eighteen of these guys. I mentioned my lack of a circle cookie cutter when I was making the Oreos, so I just used a glass. The eyes are Chocolate Chips, and the beak is an almond. Plus a few lines from a fork for the bottom feathers. Watching them come together was fun:

Of course now that they all have eyes I do feel a little strange eating them, but they are too tasty. I can't wait to have them tomorrow morning, since I bet they will be great with coffee!


VeganCraftastic said...

Those are so adorable!

Emma K. said...

Thanks! There not too much extra work, and it's worth it for cute owls!