Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Portland Walks: Alberta Street & Irvington

Outside Yarn ShopTwice now we've taken transit over to Holladay Park and then walked through Irvington to Alberta Street. Albert St. is where the Back to Eden Bakery Boutique is located, and there are several great shops, bars, restaurants, etc. along that stretch. This week we stopped in a few of the craftier ones. Bolt may have the best selection of fabrics I've ever seen; everything in the whole shop is adorable. We also stopped by Collage, which seems to have supplies for any and all crafts and a space for classes, and Close Knit where the yarn crawl was still in full swing. It seems there's always plenty of knit graffiti right in front of yarn shops, although it looks like Close Knit's had spread to other phone poles along Alberta too. I thought the combination of crochet flowers and stapled paper (on the left) was especially nice.

Similar to Ladd's Addition, the Irvington Neighborhood is an historic district, but only became one recently in fall 2010. The Irvington Home Tour site has a great list of the historic properties of the area. We passed by a few, the Bowman house, the Bowman Apartments, and another set of Bowman Apartments, not pictured here. The house definitely stood out because it took up about four average size lots at the end of a block.  Although, the first thing I noticed when we walked up the street next to it was the unbelievable huge hedge. It also seems to be on the market, you know, if you're looking for a place with a ballroom.

Big House Bowman Apartments

And we also saw many many cats on this walk, including a tabby who wanted some attention and a calico who I think was done with the outdoors for the day:

Friendly Cat Blue House & Cat

To end the afternoon, we used a Groupon at the new-ish McMenamins on Broadway. We had a veganized Garden Labyrinth Pizza (it usually has cheese on it) & Beer. I forgot how much I liked the Ruby Ale.  

Update: I forgot to mention the very cool treehouse, right on the corner, that we saw in Irvington. Nice ladder from the driveway, a neat catwalk, nice size and location! I'm ready to play.

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