Sunday, October 5, 2008

I've got to Blog the FO!

Buckled Up Wrap

I finished the lace wrap I've been working on (on & off) since the move. It's a very happy Finished Object. I love this yarn, Berroco Bonsai, too much. It comes in wonderful colors. In addition to the pretty Etsuko blue here, and the Shiubi Clay I used in my Dream Swatch Scarf I'm also just in love with the Brown, Gold, Red and Green. Hmm, the black is neat too. But I think I'm most in love with this blue. I still have just over two skeins left too, which may end up as a small purse or perhaps a few scarves for gifting, I haven't decided. So I suppose three or four projects in this yarn is plenty and I should move on to new yarns. But I do love the colors and it is so soft.

I love the end result of this project in spite of the fact that I'm still learning how to wear something like this. Yesterday we went for a walk by the lake and it ended up getting wrapped around my head instead of around my shoulders as intended. Which was alright. It was actually too cold out to get away with just the wrap (Damn you weather, have you no respect for my FO?) so I started out wearing it over a sweater. I'm thinking that looked a little odd, so I guess it's just as well. As a head scarf it did really well though, and I certainly needed something to keep my ears warm!

Buckled-Up Wrap Buckled-Up Wrap
Anyway, I'm immensely satisfied with the project.'s funny how a successful FO leads to wanting to find new projects and stash more yarn. It's not like I don't have enough yarn for several other projects...but even so I've spent way too much time looking at new patterns and yarn on ravelry this weekend. The LYS also sent me a note saying everything in the shop is 20% off...must at least try to resist...but what harm would a few skeins of sock yarn do? I can always make socks out of them, right? Hmm, this is trouble.

P.S. The buckle is so perfect for this project! from Etsy Seller abandc.

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