Saturday, October 18, 2008

Vegan Mofo Brunch

Brunch by Chuck

I am about a week behind on my Vegan Mofo Posts, since this is last week's brunch. Chuck made us vegan sausages and potatoes. The recipie for the sausages called for the Vital Wheat Gluten, so they were a little similar in taste to seitan. I believe the recipie is from Vegan Dad. I thought the preparation was a little interesting, each sausage was molded in foil & placed in the steamer. Chuck made patties as well from the same mix, and the texture of those was a bit tougher. We munched on these during the week this week as well, the recipie made quite a few sausages! Posting this a week later though, I am getting hungry and they are all gone. But, we did go to the grocery store this week, so I should be able to make up some ground and post more yummy vegan food before the month is through!

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