Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Vegan MoFo: Vegans & Spice

Spicy Potato Things Spicy Lunch

I love spice. Chuck really loves spice. Prior to being exposed to Chuck's spice appetite I wasn't so into spiciness. Now and then I'd dabble, wanting to think I had some tolerance, but no. Now that my diet is mainly vegan spice has more meaning. I remember proclaiming once in my first attempt at vegetarianism something about it doesn't really matter if you have meat, it's the spice that gives it flavor. Now that I have successfully been a vegetarian for 7 or so years spice is so important. And really spicy food is just wonderful. I'll admit Chuck still has a higher tolerance than I do, but I think my tolerance for it surpasses most mere mortals. Well, Texans anyway, several of my coworkers from a previous job were Texans and I was always amazed at our relative interpretations of "hot."

Anyway, pictured above on the left is a weekend potato concoction. Pretty spicy: turmeric, jalapeño, cumin, etc. This was based on a recipie from a cookbook picked up for cheap at Borders, "The Cook's encyclopedia of" in this case Vegetarian cooking. As an architect, I guess, I'm prone to like books with lots of visuals (don't call us superficial though...well...maybe a little, it's in our job description) and I like this one a lot in spite of not being able to use a lot of the non-vegan recipes. I even have their "four ingredient cookbook" because I find the concept interesting, though there's even less in that one I would make. It's fun to look, and can be inspiring. Also pictured is the lentil chili with rice Chuck made us for lunch today. Topped with a bit of Vegan Gourmet cheese & jalapeños. Jalapeños are yummy but I don't find them very spicy anymore. I think perhaps I once did...six or seven years ago.

Anyway the point is Vegans & Spicy hot food really go together. Honestly, I never thought I'd be one of those bring it on types when warned about a dish at a restaurant...but when it comes up I'm probably thinking "yeah right."

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evestirs said...

i think vegans must have above average palates!