Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vegan Mofo - Summary of a few days

Polenta & Roasted Potatoes

I haven't posted much in the way of vegan meals we've made lately, but there have been some worth posting about. Pictured above is a recent meal, polenta (from scratch) topped with tomato sauce with beans with roasted potatoes on the side. The polenta dish is becoming a standard for me, one that I can improvise. I made this Monday night and managed to time it perfectly for when Chuck got home from his class. It wasn't that long ago I was using store bought polenta, but recently I finally got around to making it from scratch. And it's pretty easy and tastes better, so I think that's something I will keep up. The sauce was just a can of tomato paste, one of black beans, and two chopped up fresh tomatoes. Oh and olive oil. And then the roasted potatoes are basically from the VWAV cookbook recipie...well, except I didn't use fresh herbs.

Another meal I photographed was the brunch Chuck made for us over the weekend. He often throws one together on weekends, using vegan sausage from a tube, Lightlife "gimmelean." It's pretty good. He also makes potatoes on the side. I took a picture this week cause he topped it all off with the leftover Golden Gravy I made the weekend before, and it was even better than usual! Normally I just have it with ketchup. This made me want to try making some sweet potato biscuits, like they served at Silence Heart Nest in Seattle.

Lastly, I didn't snap a picture, but Sunday night saw my Mom & Dad cooking vegan. They made the Stuffed Peppers we'd had success with last month. Again they were excellent. Dad made basily carrots on the side.

There, I'm caught up. There are only two more days of Vegan Mofo left. I don't think I'm going to quite make the 20 post goal for the month, but I think I'm doing pretty well. Hopfully the last few posts will see one involving Halloween cookies!


Rekoj said...

And just how easy is it to make polenta from scratch? Do tell do tell! (Says someone who still buys her polenta...)

Emma K. Nolan said...

Really pretty darn easy! The worst part is cleaning the pan after. Just buy corn meal. I buy this stuff:
and the recipie is on there. It's basically just add water or broth and stir. And whatever spices or flavoring you like. Sooo easy.