Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Exciting Pictures of Yarn!

I bet everyone is pretty excited to see pictures of my yarn stash? Well, that's what I did with myself yesterday. Chuck thinks I'm insane (or maybe just very silly.) But I'm sure other fans of Ravelry will understand. I condensed knitting messes from many locations to one box of yarn and one of incomplete projects, meanwhile documenting it all for ravelry. It's about time I became fully aware of just how much yarn I have and figure out what to do with some of it before I go back to the store. Here's a sampling from my stash:

Rowan Holiday SWTC Oasis Misc. Novelty Yarn Red Heart

And I also dug out all of my unfinished barely started projects and faced the decision to frog or photograph and store away. There weren't that many I frogged. I have a few projects I haven't gotten very far with for a while and/or have restarted because of too many screw ups. So most of the frogging was deciding that it was probably better to have a ball of yarn than a mess of a piece of fabric with yarn hanging off in every direction. All of my works in progress can be seen here. And just for the heck of it I threw on the drop stitch t-shirt project that needs some seaming and took pictures. Looks like the project will turn out nicely..if I ever get back to it! This is all probably a little more interesting that the stash photos I'm posting here, but I am feeling silly this morning!

Oh, and I've been a little uninterested in blogging this week for no good reason, but I'd like to get back into posting for Vegan MoFo. Chuck's been cooking & baking more than I have over the weekend, and did some interesting stuff, which I think I can get a few posts out of. I was kinda hoping I might convince him to guest blog, but I am not to sure he'll agree to that. Either way there are pictures on my flickr and there will be some blog entries soon!

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Talli said...

hehe, I`m not sure I`m manage to photograph my whole stash in just one day ! I`m definatly a yarn hoarder lol