Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Treasury happy dance

Yellow Treasury

I did it again. This one just kind of happened. I had left my browser window open to the treasury page inadvertently, just browsing through. Then hours later I still had it open and didn't realize it. When I finally did realize it it was about 30 seconds before they were opening up. I very quickly glanced through some of my recent favorites and tried to think up a theme. They seemed to be such nice shades of yellow. Not quite enough for a full treasury though, so I did have to spend a little time & effort searching etsy for yellow stuff and scouring my favorites sellers shops. Which is perfectly fine, it's a task I enjoy! You can view the treasury here:

I'm noticing there are more illustrations than usual, and sketchbooks. Along with candles, coats, scarfs and coffee cups, I hope this lives up to it's title. Ah. If only I could inhabit this treasury...

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