Monday, October 13, 2008

Lazy Blogging: Current Flickr Favorites

1. chocolate stars, 2. Kaffe Fassett Bird, 3. "This way" said bird, 4. Cute Love Owl Sculpture, 5. Roosevelt, 6. October, 7. Swing Gitan, 8. Pierogies and Cabbage, 9. Stir-Fry w/ Sweet Balsamic Vinegar Sauce, 10. Choc. Cupcakes w/ Banana-Coconut Frosting, 11. Broken, 12. cloudy bedroom wall, 13. Ransom Note 10.04.08, 14. peanut butter bomb cake1, 15. vegan cheesecake, 16. Lucy of Chicago, 17. Overhead Projector is not a Planetarium Projector, 18. Sortie, 19. Skull, 20. Beetle in Amber, 21. Cupcakes you can believe in., 22. this morning would best be spent eating cinnamon n sugar doughnuts and drinking apple cider...10.04.08, 23. colours of the fall, 24. ALBERT, 25. Spooky Matilda


aTxVegn said...

Thanks for including my pierogies and cabbage! I like all the others you picked out too.

ambika said...

Wow, it always bugs me when people don't let you utilize their photos in big huge labs mosaic makers and I've obviously set my preferences so people can't do that. Sigh. My bad.

Emma K. Nolan said...

Yeah, I loved that picture of Stanley! Hey, if you find out where to change that setting let me know, I have no idea where you do that either!

atxvegan - no problem, those pierogies look fantastic!