Sunday, November 2, 2008

Now with more Bracelets!

Knotty Blue Bracelet Knotty Green Bracelet

There are only a small handful of bracelets in my shop. I guess this is probably due to the trouble I have wearing them. I like bracelets, I have quite a few, but every time I try to wear them I end up fussing with them a lot. Probably one of the many signals that I should cut back on the coffee. Anyway, I've recently added the two bracelets pictured above. I actually think I'd be less prone to fussing with these two, since the are hand knotted between each bead there isn't much to move around, other than spinning them around your wrist, which would probably get boring even for the biggest coffee consumers like myself. If I didn't fuss with them so much I might think about wearing both of these at once. Check out the green and the blue, and maybe look for some more fuss-reducing bracelets to come. Meanwhile, if you enjoy fussing or are able to resist it check out the other bracelets in my shop.

Oh and I've decided to extend the free spider with purchase of my webbed necklace through the weekend since I"m still feeling in the Halloween spirit. But after election day he's mine!

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ambika said...

I don't make many bracelets and while I think it's partly related to how little I wear them myself, they also tend to be the least popular of everything I sell.

I want to say I saw a similar experience in a long thread in the Etsy forums a *loooong* time ago.

These are both lovely--I especially like that they're knotted & not just strung.