Monday, November 3, 2008

And to fill the yarn keepers...

Ok, you got me. My birthday is less than two weeks away and I am dropping hints. *ahem* No I am helping out my friends and family with some gift ideas. Hopefully this might also help some other people that may be wondering what to buy crazy knitting cat ladies (we shall call them "CKCLs" since knitters love the abbreviations) in their lives. Well, that's easy. you can never have enough yarn. What's great about this as a gift because even though it might seem like CKCLs buy plenty of yarn for themselves, knitters have all kinds of odd shopping habits. For example, I'm I probably what you would call a project knitter. I mainly stash yarn with some end result in mind. I eye all the lovely handspun stuff but haven't purchased any off of Etsy yet because a) it's pretty expensive and b) I don't have a plan of attack. But if someone were to purchase this kind of yarn for me I would find something lovely to do with it, and I'm sure really enjoy the quality and workability of the yarn itself. And like I said, I need something to fill the yarn keepers.

Some of my favorite vegan yarns from Etsy are above and below.

From left to right:
100% Banana Fiber from BlondeChicken
Recycled Yarn from Craftyyarn
Organic Cotton Sampler from ChamomileConnection
Cotton/Ecospun Handspun Yarn from Hobbledehoy
Lavender Bamboo Yarn from theknittingsiren
Bulky T-shirt Yarn from mklawrie

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