Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Setter Happy Card Making Extravaganza!

The past few days my shop has seen an influx of blank cards. I've gotten pretty "setter-happy." I got an instant setter tool last year at a paper store but I've only recently decided to put it to heavy use making cards. (It was purchased to punch holes in cards for packaging necklaces and jewelry, giving me a little more flexibility than a standard hole punch.) But it is loud and does scare the cat but I'm pretty happy with the results. Fortunately Lucy's got a pretty good hiding spot in which she's very comfortable. I believe there will be more in this style.

In other accomplishments, I set up a facebook page for my shop, which can be seen here.

If you are facebook inclined, please check it out and consider becoming a "fan." If it sees enough traffic I may end up using it as a sort of online newsletter (as if a blog wasn't enough!) where I can make some announcements and updates about the shop! I will treat my fans well, sign autographs, kiss babies, you know the usual stuff. Just teasing. Unless you really do want my autograph.

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