Thursday, September 18, 2008

Guest Chef

Upon meeting my parents for lunch this afternoon my Dad suggested that we come over this weekend and make something from the Veganomicon or VWAV together. We did this last Christmas and it turned out great. Oddly I barely remember what we actually made (I think maybe the VWAV corn fritters? I know we discussed making the chickpea cutlets.) I think because it was just fun putting the meal together with my Dad. The food was very good, I remember that. Well this time maybe I'll take pictures!

Anyway, this reminded me that I've seen a few great looking recipes around the web that I have yet to make. The site 101 cookbooks (which I originally came across because it showed up in my g-mail ads of all places! I guess I must have been having a conversation about cooking with someone) always has fantastic images of their food. So far I've made the caramelized tofu from their site, which I would highly recommend. Perhaps the success of that dish is what is making me curious about the Maple Grilled Tempeh, with a similar sweet/salty combination. That and the fact that it sounds like it would have quick & simple preparation with an interesting end result.

Over at Vegan Yum Yum, a site Chuck discovered, I was excited about another simple looking dish. I hope it's not just the photography (though the images are great here too) but the Super Quick Tomato Basil Cream Pasta looks amazing. Just very rich and satisfying, perfect for a rainy day. Hmm...maybe I should've tried making it last weekend instead of being upset about Renegade getting so rained out! Their most recent post for Bubble and Squeak Cakes caught Chuck's eye. He's made a few variations on Potato Croquettes & these seem somewhat similar, but with a much more adorable sounding name! Admittedly I am really happy with anything involving mushy potato goodness, so I hope he tries making these soon!

Lastly, for something a little more complicated the Pistachio Crusted Tofu at FatFreeVegan looks really good. I've found trying to crust or bread tofu a little bit challenging, but finding a good recipie to follow could make a big difference. And what better to crust tofu with than pistachios?

So we'll see what we end up making, but hopefully we'll get to try most of these recipes before long. Links to these blogs and others can be found under my list of Favorites on the right side of my blog & if I come across any great new sites I'll put them there too!

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