Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Doily Dallies

Featuring Doilies
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Well, Since it's not looking like the treasury situation on Etsy is going to get completely straightened out until the next round of treasuries are up, I thought I might as well post an image here. My treasury items ended up here while my title is hanging out with pirates! (Note these have now expired.)

Anyway, on a related note, because I was recently thinking about doilies, I was very excited about these Newspaper Doilies I saw featured on Cuteable first thing this morning. What would be really awesome is some kind of waffle press type contraption in which you can press old newspapers to make these. Can you imagine? Wake up, make some waffles, make some newspaper doilies. Okay, I'm just being silly. But these are very neat and I'm really curious as to how they are made!

And on an unrelated note, Craft Magazine's Blog featured a tutorial on making a note pad from The Small Object that is very nicely done. It involves a "life changing compound" to glue the top edge together a la store bought note pads. I am fascinated by the idea because I love lists and forms and nothing I ever buy seems to suit my needs correctly. I will probably have to find out more about this compound! It certainly looks intense!

These also caught my eye last night on Penguin and Fish and showed up this morning on Cuteable! (I've been wondering what "alpaca wire" is ever since. It seems like something I should've heard of before, but I haven't! Anyone know if it actually involves alpacas in any way?)

Well, I started my day pretty early this morning, so I am either expecting to be very productive and/or crash around 5pm or shortly there after. So far I've been productive, I've already been to the gym and blogged. Let's hope it stays that way!


Rekoj said...

Emma how do you manage to make such lovely treasuries? This one is fab too!

Emma K. Nolan said...

Thanks! Well, avoiding on what I should be doing really gets me focused on this sorta thing! :P