Friday, September 12, 2008

Etsy Shop Updates!

The last week or so my shop has seen an influx of new items, as I have recently made an effort to document & list a bunch of stuff I finished months ago but hadn't found time to photograph. I guess that's probably the result of packing, unpacking, moving, etc. And I still have a few more items to list!

In light of the increasing size of my shop I decided to create a little more distinction between the items. I divided Necklaces into three categories: beaded, with chain and pendants. I hope this makes the browsing experience a little easier for shoppers. I also added a small sale section, which for now has a few gocco prints where the ink didn't take as well as I would have liked. I've also been working here and there at improvements to my listings, better descriptions, and switching around the first image to make the shop seem a little warmer. This, however, is a task I know will take a lot of time and thought to get everything just right, but I'm happy with the difference it's made so far.

Even without any new sales it's been a very good week for me on etsy. Monday started off well as my Raincloud notepad (pictured above) spent about an hour on the front page. I was pretty happy about how my Doily treasury turned out in spite of all the treasury weirdness. Last night I noticed that my Andrika Moleskine (also pictured above) was used as a related item in a Storque article. And today, I just couldn't resist the urge to turn the song that popped into my head for no apparent reason last night into a brand new treasury!

That treasury actually reminds me of Halloween. I will have to dig up a photo and share exactly how "Lydia the Tattooed lady" relates to the upcoming holiday in my mind. I'm sure my parents can help! Which in turn is a good reminder to quickly make up a few more webbed necklaces like I made last year! I got a few ideas for varations on the theme, and there's not much time to waste.

P.S. the Renegade Handmade craft fair is this weekend in Chicago and I'm ridiculously excited to stop by as a shopper! Look for a post on some of my favorites early next week!

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