Monday, September 1, 2008

Architect's Treasury

Etsy treasuries are always a nice thing to do on a Sunday afternoon. Well, okay, technically it's not Sunday...which somehow gives the day even more of a Sunday feel. It's Sunday times two. So today I wasn't even trying all that hard, but happened to be looking at treasuries when they were at the magic 333 number. With 5 minuted to go before a treasury became avaliable. (For anyone that doesn't know, etsy treasuries are explained here.)

I stuck around to pursue an idea of collecting architecturally influenced shops. I like the results and I can see coming back to the idea later. It's already spawned a possible gift idea; despite Chuck's lack of interest in having things he's already declared an interest in having a Mies pincushion. He's now an IIT student, you see, and Mies designed most of the buildings on his campus.

Anyway, I'm always checking profiles to find out if designers I suspect are architects are in fact architects, and I'm sure I've come across several more than I've featured. This treasury represents a mix of those influence and those involved in the profession. Perhaps a future treasury will be exclusively filled with those in my profession. But for today I am happy with a mix!

UPDATE: This Treasury made it to Etsy's Front Page! It's the first time for a treasury I picked out! YAY!


Dawn said...

I was just coming over here to let you know that I saw your treasury on the front page! How exciting! I recognized it immediately from seeing it here! :)

Emma K. Nolan said...

Thanks! I think it was up for about an hour or so, which is pretty good!