Thursday, September 25, 2008

Not necessary

But it made me happy!

Tuesday night I order a buckle for the wrap I'm knitting that's nearing completion. Yesterday, for all intents and purposes, I finished it off. That is finished knitting, weaving in ends and block are another story. Anyway, what I was referring to above was the fact that I was so excited about the buckle and finishing the knitting that I felt the silly need to Photoshop the two together to try to predict what they would look like. (See above. It's not a very good Photoshop, so at least I didn't spend a lot of time on it. Though I did feel the need to 'shop the yarns out. Silly. The original photo can be seen here.) Very unnecessary since the buckle is on it's way and it should be an assembled piece by next week if all goes well!

And in music news, yesterday afternoon I listened to Cold War Kids on one of my favorite radio programs from KCRW out of LA, Morning Becomes Eclectic. They have a new album out and I look forward to giving it several listens. Hopefully it will be on emusic next time I have downloads there, if not I may need to figure out the Chicago version of Seattle's Easy St. Records. Anyway I really like their dark, blues-y story telling and I always enjoy Morning Becomes Eclectic for the combination of interview and in studio performance. Apparently the lead singer tried to be a high school teacher and had an interesting explanation for the title of their latest album. Also, the band Calexico is playing the Pritzker Pavillion tonight, more on that after we return from the show! I will say I love the free concerts here in Chicago, I know I've already made a few friends back in Seattle a little jealous


Rekoj said...

Hilarious - I looked at that picture and thought "oh - that looks lovely!" Totally didn't think it was photoshop'd =)

Emma K. Nolan said...

Hehe, if you look at the large version it's pretty obvious, but here on the blog it looks pretty good! Hope it looks as good when it's done!