Monday, September 15, 2008

Emmakat's Gallery of Incomplete Knits

Note to self: you have plenty of knitting projects going on. You have plenty of materials to start other projects. Do not look at the new knitty and get any ideas. Do not stop by the LYS, even though they are having a grand re-opening post move. You may even just want to stick to finishing off a few of the projects below before starting on the projects you're stashed for. So you certainly don't need to get any new ideas. Although, hmm, this is pretty cute and interesting...uh-oh!

Geez. Well, starting new projects before finishing the old ones is certainly nothing new and I know it's a problem most knitters have. So it's time for me to fess up via blog. I have too many things on needles and many of those are so very close to being finished it's ridiculous that I don't spend time on them. But of course, each one has it's reasons for delay that make the idea of starting a new project from scratch more appealing...

Chain Scarf - (inspired by a Japanese knitting book) I'm pretty close but there are several issues. One is the concept of weaving in all the ends. I also need to decide what length I want it. Either I could just use up all the yarn I have or I could stop soon and still have tons of ends to deal with. I do get bugged by little bits of leftover yarn for some reason, so that's actually been a contributing factor to not finishing this off.

The Buckled Wrap - (from Creative Knitting Magazine.) This was going great and the end was so clearly in sight until I dropped a stitch in the lace pattern. I gave fixing it two pretty good tries right after it happened and then put it away for a new project. Or...Ahem two new projects. Also haven't located a good buckle for it yet, so even when the knitting is done it won't be done until I do that!

Leaf Cardigan - (From Knitty) It was going quickly. Two things happened here 1. it's coming out too big and 2. I ran out of yarn and can only make it about 1/2 way around to attach the i-cord leaf ties. Buying yet another ball to finish it is unappealing prompting the thought of undoing the bottom ribbing on another "completed" project. Which would turn this into two projects- fixing the completed one and finishing this one!

Drop Stitch T-shirt - (S'n'B Calendar 2007) It's going fine! It's just...not the most manageable thing ever. The yarn is slippery (but very nice) and 25% of the stitches get dropped. Ack! I have the front & back panels knitted up, the stitches dropped on one, and there will be sleeves. It's hard to visualize the end product even with as much done as I've got. I've been holding it up to myself in the mirror...but it's just a square, it's not a shape yet! Plus the next task after dropping stitches is seaming...ew. This does seem like one of the easier UFOs to tackle.

So...four sizable projects...that's not great! Additionally I started messing with a lace tank top from The Best of Interweave Knits last week. But then I screwed up the last row and really I think I ought to forget about it for now and finish any of these four. It's really a matter of mind over knitted matter. What prompted this post? Well it's always in the back of my head. Plus I keep seeing lovely knits everywhere (prep for fall I guess, although I do go looking) and thinking how quickly a project could be done. And it's true, a small project, I could get that done in a snap....(uh, maybe) So this is really just a reminder to myself that while that might be true, it'd be a lot more satisfying if I got it done in a snap after I finish a few projects that are practically complete anyway.