Monday, October 10, 2011

Finished knit: Two pairs of socks

Lindsay Socks Finished Knit: No Sweat Socks

I got so behind on my blogging, I'm going to go ahead and post about the last two sock projects I did together (and right in the middle of Vegan Mofo...uh, sorry to anyone looking at my feet while trying to sort through food posts in the rss feed.) 

On the left is a pair of hot pink (although the colorway was called Lindsay socks from the pattern in Cookie A.'s Sock Innovation. The yarn was Elann Esprit. On the right was a much simpler project, from No Sheep for You by Amy Singer. The pattern was the No Sweat Socks by Kate Atherley, and I knit them up in the pattern yarn, Knit One Crochet Two's Wick.

No surprise, the lacy ones were a bit tougher. I was making it even more challenging by using fewer stitches around and adjusting the pattern at the heel, etc., to accommodate. The lace pattern itself wasn't too bad at all, although I did find the knitting 4 stitches together a bit hard with this yarn/on small needles. I don't think I'd done a heel and toe construction quite like these before (all in garter stitch, and the toes is seamed on the bottom of the foot) so that made it even more tricky. But it seemed to turn out.

The simpler socks were a pattern that had been in my queue since I got that book a few years ago. I mainly just wanted to try out that wick yarn and see how well it works for socks. So when I saw the yarn in this great maizy-yellow at Yarn Garden on sale, I couldn't resist. I've only worn them once so far, but I like them. I actually find that the larger gauge on this pair is nice, kinda like I'm getting a massage from some knit stitches. I don't mind it!

Okay, now I think I'm caught up with my recent finished knits. Most of the rest of the posts this month will be about vegan food!