Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vegan Mofo day 2: Pea Soup with Biscuits

Pea Soup

Well, in retrospect, that was a lot of pepper! Sunday night we made a simple Split Pea soup with biscuits, & dumplings. Also had some leftovers for lunches during the week. The soup was made simply, with spices, carrots, water, and dried peas. We let it simmer for about about an hour and a half. 

Biscut Mix Pea Soup

We sampled some french toast from Mom's Vegan Kitchen at the VegFest NW last month. They are based here in Portland, so it's easy to find mixes at Whole Foods, Food Fight, etc. but they are also available from some online retailers, listed on the website. We tried out the mix for both the dumplings (dropped in the soup) and the biscuits (baked.) Both were quite yummy. 

Biscuts in Pea Soup Chuck Doing things

Chuck regularly makes dumplings in the soup, so here he is doing the fun part. About 20 minutes before the soup was done simmering the mixed up biscuit mix got added. They turned out just right, very delicious both ways. 


affectioknit said...


VeganCraftastic said...

That looks really good, I've actually never had dumplings in soup!

Emmakat said...

Chuck actually came up with it, before he was doing it I hadn't really had it either, but it is very good and simple to do!

chiaroscuro1222 said...

Chuck, come cook for me!

Emmakat said...

You can't have him, sorry! :P