Friday, October 7, 2011

Vegan Mofo Day 5: Hot Lips Pizza

Hot Lips Pizza

Vegan pizza is everywhere in Portland. When we first moved here we'd take walks and Chuck would tell me which vegan or vegan-friendly pizza place we were closest too along with all their various attributes. He still does that actually, there are just so many we still haven't tried. Wednesday night we ate out (disregarding fridge full of farmer's market goodies cause sometimes it's just nice to eat out, especially if you were out doing stuff and it seemed like a good idea to avoid what the locals called a monsoon.) at Hot Lips Pizza, a local chain. They are a pretty great chain, really attempting to use and sell a lot of local items. They have a large and lovely beer and wine selection, as well as several beers on tap (which is usually what we go for!) They also make their own sodas, also available on tap. 

For this trip the vegan option was loaded with their pesto sauce and veggies (they have several vegan friendly options, as much as I love pesto, I think their squash sauce is my favorite) and they also use daiya vegan cheese. We like it spicy so we also added some habanero sauce and pepperoncinis. We have three or four of their locations we frequent and it's always a comfortable and friendly environment, as well as having great vegan pizza!

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Petite Cabbage Press said...

Dove Vivi if you haven't been! deep dish cornmeal cashew cheese baked tomato corn... I could go on and on...