Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kindle Cozies in the Shop!

Guess what? My etsy shop now has a knitting section! I finally posted those kindle cozies that I made right before the move. I decided I kind of liked the aesthetic of the mid-move pictures I initially took, and we still have some boxes around, so I used that for the backdrop for most of the pictures.. I really enjoyed making these and I've enjoyed reading (an simultaneously knitting, often) on my kindle since I got it last Christmas. I'm currently in the middle of a large-ish personal project for a friend, but once that is done I will be taking a stab (with my knitting needles!) at smaller cozies with a similar look for cell phones and cameras.

In other Etsy related news, I made a blue and cat themed treasury last week, two of my favorite things.

Otherwise it's just turning out to be a quiet & rainy pacific northwest evening! Oh, also I complained and received a response regarding the ordeal with the flight when we moved here, and I was issued a refund of the pet fee and a e-certificate for future travel. It's something, I guess, and I feel somewhat better about the whole experience although I still would have rather not had to put Lucy through that much more trouble. 


Indy said...

Awww...cute kitties!

cseneque said...

How cute are those cats?!
I love your cosies, especially the tweedy oatmeal one--gorgeous!

Emma said...

Thanks! They are so fun to make, I need to get on making some smaller ones!