Friday, September 3, 2010

Oregon Symphony in Waterfront Park

Crowd for the Oregon Symphony

I have a tendency to start yelping again when we move to a new city. I started reviewing some of the first places we visited in Chicago, and I seem to be doing it again here in Portland. You'll notice the last clump of reviews is from fall of 2008 in Chicago, just after we moved there. I wouldn't be surprised if my yelping habits drop off again in the coming months, but for now I am glad I was doing it. Otherwise I wouldn't have found out that the Oregon Symphony was having an outdoor event last night at Waterfront Park!

We showed up after the first portion (a performance from the Portland Youth Philharmonic) which meant our seats were pretty far back. But that was fine, it turns out the park can hold a lot of people and we had a very nice view of the Hawthorne bridge and the mountain, with a nice sunset to watch too. I knit, of course, and so did a woman who was sitting in front of us, her project was bright pink. Really, this event seemed to have it all: puppets, ballet, fireworks and cannons. There was even a sing-along of "New York, New York" in honor of the upcoming Oregon Symphony performance at Carnegie hall this year. Although, Portland seemed a little hesitant to get into that. (Perhaps it was just this crowd, or the fact that we were so far back.) 

Mudeye Puppet Oregon Ballet Fireworks

One of the most amusing highlights of the evening was the group of little girls on the next blanket over. Before the show started I overheard one of the girls proclaiming "I could imagine eating a banana slug!" Throughout the 1812 Overture they covered their ears for long stretches in anticipation of the cannons. They definitely seemed to be having a lot of fun!

To top off the evening we went to home to our recovering Lucy who finally seems to be acting like herself! I've missed her!

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