Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Etsy Treasuries

I made a new treasury today after noticing a handful of these miniature houses in my favorites. I was trying to decide between a Talking Heads reference (that would be "This is not my Beautiful house") or the Tom Waits one that I went with for the title. I know that at least one of the artist featured has an architecture background:
I've currently got 3 treasuries going on Etsy right now. The new one pictured, Doily Dallies, and Cool for Cats (which I know is my Mom's favorite!) I haven't really been following the Etsy forums and updates as much as I once did, but I am thrilled that we don't have to wait for openings anymore. I haven't spent much time tinkering with the new format however. They last as long as you want them too, so rather than delete these I've been trying to keep the theme going and switching out any items that have been sold. You can see a full list of my treasuries here. It's kind of fun to keep it going and find more items with the same concept in mind. So, for the other Etsy people out there how long do you find you keep your treasuries going? And how many have you accumulated? I am curious to find out!

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