Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Northwest VegFest

Things have been quiet here in Portland as we're settling in. We are re-familiarizing ourselves with the fact that a bit of northwest rain here and there has a calming effect. Okay, that was all a fancy way of saying not much has been going on the past week or so. Well, there have been more farmer's markets, vegan food, and walks, but you got a sense of that from my last few posts, most likely.

Well this past weekend was eventful. I was somewhat curious about the Portland Pirate Festival happening over in Cathedral Park, but we opted to go to the Northwest Vegfest instead. We were mainly there to try out all sorts of free samples...which was admittedly a lot of great vegan food I already knew about like Chicago Soy Dairy's Teese, So Delicious Ice Cream Bars, etc. But there were also several local vendors including local restaurants Portobella, Vita Cafe and  Prasad. I was impressed with both the deliciousness and the cuteness of their samples. Portobella offered vegan raspberry tart slices (my photo didn't turn out.) Since I've heard they are one of the best restaurants in town I can't wait to check them out. Prasad had raw vegan foods including smoothies and a cheesecake sample. The cutest though had to be the biscuits, sausage and gravy sample from Vita Cafe:

Vita Cafe Sample

It was a great way to learn about some great local (and some national) vegan companies and restaurants. It also gave us a chance to get over to the convention center. Like Chicago's it was filled with some pretty nice art:

Ship pendulum

And is fairly well know for the unusual architectural feature of a pair of glass spires. There was some interesting art around the outside as well, including a "nurse log", Bells from Sapporo, Japan, and ship like banner sculptures (pictured below) which seemed especially appropriate to me on talk like a pirate day.


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