Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lucy's Never-ending Ordeals


Oh my goodness. Lucy has already been through enough! First the surgery to have the bladder stones removed. Then the teeth extractions. Then the empty apartment. Then the flight. Then then unexpected delays of said flight. Then then new apartment. Then the recovery process. That's enough stress for one kitty to last a lifetime!

So Lucy seemed to just be starting to get into some her normal behaviors again, but then a few days ago started acting withdrawn. Yesterday she was acting very uncomfortable and last night we finally found a big lump under her jaw. I wanted to take her in right away, but of course it was late at night when we discovered this. By the morning it had become moist, seemed a little warn, and was definitely visible on the side of her face. Yikes!

We just got back from an appointment with our new Portland vet. What a relief. It was declared an abscess, cause probably related to something becoming irritated when they extracted the teeth. Fortunately it was an easy fix, the vet lanced the abscess and injected her with antibiotics that will last 10 days so we don't have to mess with that liquid (bubble gum flavored!) version, or a pill. She should start to feel better soon, and for good, but I have my fingers crossed. It seems as if it will never end and I'll never get my silly lick-obsessed kitty back! 

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