Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Architectural Details, More about PDX food & a new look for the Blog

14 Intuit and 760
Intuit Center for Outsider Art and 760 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL
While still in Chicago I had the idea to try to take one picture of an interesting architectural detail every day & started a flickr group based on that idea. Well, with the move and everything, I haven't been doing as well with that project as I had intended, but now that we're more settled I'm going to renew my focus. Both Portland and Chicago are cities with a great architectural heritage. I guess I tend to focus on the old historic buildings or at least we've been fortunate to live in areas with a lot of that stuff nearby. Ultimately I hope to cover both old and new, and may find out a little about some of the detailing differences between regions. And I hope others join me, I would love to get a sense of the architecture of different places from this group! I've found it's a challenge, especially since I don't have a particularly fancy camera and since many of the cool details may be high up and far away. So the group rules for now are pretty flexible, especially since I myself haven't been consistent about posting there. But I do promise I will try to be better!

21 Sullivan Center
Sullivan Center, Chicago, IL
Medical Building
Medical & Dental Building, Portland, OR

I also wanted to brag about the great lunch we had on Monday at the Pioneer Square Farmers Market. The people selling fresh mushrooms cleverly set up a neighboring booth selling mushroom dishes. They were well prepared, yet inspiring, and seemed like food that might be easy enough to recreate at home. We split their vegan dishes, the mushroom miso soup and mushroom salad wraps. Incredibly good. And there were not one but two vegan pastry booths! One had MINT BROWNIES! It was everything a mint brownie should be. We split that too, because there are so many great vegan goodies here we're starting to get carried away.

Mint Brownie
Mint Chip Brownies, Petunia's Pies & Pastries
Mushroom dishes
Mushroom Dishes, Pioneer Sq. Market
Lastly, I just revamped the blog layout. I guess I had been ignoring the new features on blogger for a little while. I am happy to report that they are definitely an improvement. I no longer have to go into the html mess to set up a blog that is a bit wider and can accommodate various widgets in a nice clean way. I guess there's also some fun sharing and rating things at the bottom of each post now, so you can let me know that I'm funny, cool and interesting. Hey everyone needs a little reinforcement, right?

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