Sunday, March 29, 2009


I could not resist the fabric serving as the backdrop in this picture at yesterday's supply show held by the Chicago Craft Mafia. I have no idea what I'll end up making with it, but I thought the combination of purple, shades of brown and red was so lovely, I'll have to think of something. It's a nice heavy weight I like a lot. Also the black and red fabric was too interesting to pass up. Most especially the $10 bag of 11 balls of rowan cotton rope. It may be yellow, a color I'm always skeptical of pulling off, but a whole bag that will equal a nice size project for $10? I was doomed. As a side note, I did use Chuck's G1 to get on ravelry and look up what project I was thinking of that used this yarn. (it was the Frontier Blues Jacket from an issue of knitscene, scroll down about 1/2 way.) Further proof that I need my own.

Like the Winter Renegade Handmade show, this event also took place at the Pulaski Park Field House, though this event only took up one room. It's an interesting building, and I was tempted to spend more time taking pictures, instead I only took a few snapshots before getting down to business stocking up on supplies. I'm sure we'll be back, since all kinds of stuff happens there year-round. In the next room, for example, the Chicago Swordplay Guild was practicing.

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