Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bus rider watching

I saw someone with this purse on the bus a few weeks back. I tend to like ideas like this, where somewhat silly and somewhat practical meet. Anyway, I didn't really find anywhere on the net selling it, but I did find this picture and that it's from Zambos & Siega. Which is fine, I wasn't shopping for a bag and this one is leather anyway. I just thought it was an interesting idea, and could be fairly simple to do a handmade take on it. One thing I have seen on the bus recently that I am now coveting as a result is the Kindle 2. I've come to think it might be a great way to multi-task, get some reading and knitting done at the same time. A little easier to push a button than to hold a book open and flip pages perhaps. Toni Morrison likes it. Though, I probably should lean toward a bike, with spring coming. Of course I'm not really planning on getting any of these things at the moment...just sort of a major item wish list. Though, I might get a G1, there's a bargain on amazon. It takes me a while to decide these things so we'll see.

In a few moments we're off to check out a supply show, as if I needed more stuff to play with, over at the Pulaski Park Field House called Do It Your Own Damn Self. I have no idea what I might bring home, if anything, but if I do, I will post! Should be fun regardless.

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