Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Knitting progress

Maizy Stockings

Just a quick post on my current knitting progress this morning before I head out. I'm not even done with the first knee-high yet, but it's a pretty satisfying project nonetheless. I might be able to get the first sock bound off tonight...which I suppose means it's kind of silly to take a picture right before it's a finished thing...but I like progress shots and I was trying it on anyway to determine how much further to go. I'm also virtually done with this cuff, but I've had some ideas about figuring out if I can make a button for it. We shall see. Anyway, these are both patterns from the Fall/Winter issue of Knit.1 magazine, which was really good. There are still several patterns in there I am eyeing. Good thing these stockings have kept me busy for a while, and will continue to for a while!

Oh also, that's one of my new pair of shoes, picked up last night on my way home. Just cheap, from Payless. I was just looking for something that would look cute and accommodate hand-knit socks a little bit better, so I bought a size up. Buying shoes basically as a result of knitting I didn't want to spend much at all. But I think they're pretty cute anyway.


Jeni Treehugger said...

WOW! They are amazing! I wouldn't even know where to begin with something like that.

Golden Years Gal said...

If you would like to add stitches to the calf of the leg, please send me your email address and I'll send you knee sock patterns.

Emma said...

Thanks! They are toe-up so I started at the toe. :P J/k. I started knitting via books and video. & Now I look up lots of stuff on the internet. has nice tutorials!

Rekoj said...

That is so dainty wonderful I can't even deal with it. Totally love the color you chose as well!

Ashley said...

Wow, very nice Emma!! I don't know how you have the patience for that. I liked reading through your posts, it's been too long... :) Take care!

Emma said...

Thanks! This color is labeled taupe, which confuses me a little. I know taupe can be purple but this is pretty purple. Regardless they had even more nice colorways of this stuff (which is corn-based) but the purple made me drop the other balls on the yarn shop floor.
Everyone should knit! It's awesome. It really doesn't take too much patience, unless you screw up. Right up until you do that you're just happily going along...making something cute! (I'm completely addicted!)