Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It's been a long time since my last post. I guess I definitely have blogging spurts, times I'm into it and times I'm just not. Sorry about that! (Wish I could figure out what triggers the pro-blogging spurts!)

Anyway, just a general round up of things. Knitting-wise, I finished a Rapunzel stocking. It comes up just past my knee. I had a bit more yarn and could have kept going I suppose, but I have to be motivated to finish sock two....which so far hasn't happened yet. Instead I've been poking around some other projects with my knitting needle:
- Nob Hill from knitty, which should be a quick project, has been stashed for and in my queue since roughly the time that issue came out, last spring. I finally settled and decided I was getting a decent gauge and I'm trying to adjust for it. Quick knit, but I think I must redo the sleeves (fortunately they are small) lest I look like Servalan from Blakes 7. (who is awesome, btw, I just don't think I could pull it off day to day, and in knitwear...unfortunately.)
- And I made sort of a large swatch for the lacy dolman from Glam Knits using the yarn my aunt sent me for my birthday. There's not enough yarn to do the full sleeves per the design, so I sorta swatched big trying to figure out how a short-sleeve/sleeveless version might work.

Oh and I've nearly finished a cabled cuff from that last issue of knit.1. That actually spawned another project, making or finding a cool button. I picked make. Recruiting the help (a lot of the help) of the boyfriend and his access to a laser cutter at school. These are in progress, many more than I need have been cut out and are ready for some sanding & finishing. They may turn up in the etsy shop in one way or another.

Which, goodness knows, the etsy shop could use some new, non-renewed items. I have a lot of ideas bouncing around in my head and I just haven't gotten to them yet. The current level of my knitting addiction could have something to do with that, though there's pleanty else to distract. Anyway, I may start to try to bring some of my knitting addiction into the shop, which may or may not involve these buttons...I've got a bunch of ideas. Plus, a few weekends back I constructed a new collapsable light box per this tutorial. This is all pretty likely to lead to some spring cleaning in the shop! Pictures of various things in progress should be forthcoming.

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