Thursday, April 9, 2009

Explanation of Busy

The list of things preventing me from blogging much lately is pretty long the last week or so. Foremost of which is the fact that I started training to be a volunteer for Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House. If all goes well I'll be giving tours with in the next month. Of course to keep us informed enough to answer all sorts of questions, this has meant a lot of training sessions, both on weeknights and all day last Saturday, repeatedly taking to tour and hearing lots of interesting lectures about the building and its history. It's pretty great, but I am also tired from all the effort getting over there and back. Tonight is the last night before we start scheduling sessions to practice the tour ourselves & determine our readiness for the real thing. I'm excited, but I've still got a lot of work to do to prepare myself.

Not to mention I have a licensing exam sneaking up on me the end of the month. Also I completed a project that I was pretty happy with last weekend, but I will wait a little bit before posting it anywhere public since it's going to be a gift. For now it's on my facebook profile for those of you that may know me there.

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