Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rainy Weekends are for getting stuff done

At the moment, the sky outside our window is comprised of fog that looks like it starts at about the 14th story. It's kind of cool. Yesterday was similar. So we've been staying in this weekend, and this has actually been productive.

We like Maps

Yesterday we finally got the Ork Posters my parents got us for christmas mounted on foamcore and hung on our bedroom wall. Well, technically Chuck mounted them friday night and hung them Saturday, but only after I purchased Foamcore and brought it home on friday, with the help of a ride from my dad. Navigating boards home on public transit during rush hour might not have been the most fun.

Egg Press Pillow

And then I finally got to sewing up Clauss here. We're not really sure if he's a red panda or a raccoon... but he's darn cute. I've had this stitch kit for way too long, it was purchased on a pre-christmas trip to Portland, OR a few years back. It's from Egg Press. Not sure why exactely it took me so long to get to this project, other then my general trepidation about committing to cutting fabric and sewing it up. One of these days I hope to be comfortable with that whole process. For now I have to take it small project at a time. Anyway, Egg press also provided a nice tag.

So this morning I finally got my taxes done, and I'm hoping the rest of the day continues to be productive. At the very least I've blogged! Of course, it might be less fun productiveness, I've got a whole bunch of laundry to get to, and there's cleaning around the apartment that probably should be done...but if I fit anything fun in, I suppose I'll try to post about it soon!

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