Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nice Weeks End

Well, although I spent most of the week in denial that we had not succeeding in procuring tickets for the Leonard Cohen concert on Monday, it all turned out alright. I was, up until Thursday night, telling myself somehow we'd find tickets. Moments after they went on sale there were resellers everywhere, and though I wasn't thrilled about the idea, we were considering figuring out how to best go about getting tickets that way. But really I don't think we had any idea how to do that. So it was pretty good news to hear Thursday night that he was adding a second show. Friday morning tickets went on sale and we were much more successful this time! We'll be in the Balcony, and though the tickets were expensive, we fortunately didn't have to go as far out of our intended price range as I'm sure some people did (ticket prices went up as high as $550 for some sort of VIP package.) It's probably best not to think about how much money was spent in a matter of seconds, or particularly how much the annoying Ticketmaster people made...but I digress. We got tickets and it's going to be a great show.

Also this week I had an order from Vegan Craftastic, who was nice enough to post about it, complete with pictures of the necklace in action! She has some really cute stuff for knitters in her new shop as well, and some time soon I might have to return favor.

So although the amazing weather we were having yesterday decided not to stick around for the weekend, it was a lovely end of the week for me!

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