Sunday, March 1, 2009

Music I really love

Last night we hung out with my parents, ate at a nice African restaurant (so good, I always eat to much!) and watched an Episode of Elvis Costello's Spectacle featuring She&Him, Jacob Dylan, and Jenny Lewis. So we've spent pretty much the entire day listening to Jenny Lewis & Rilo Kiley.

Tomorrow tickets are going on sale for Leonard Cohen at the Chicago theater. I think I've been listen to his music for as long as I can remember, or over 20 years at least. Probably first started hearing it as a result of the Famous Blue Raincoat Album by Jennifer Warnes. A few years ago a remastered 2oth anniversary version of that was released. So that and the fact that he hasn't done touring for something like 15 years...I really hope we're successful and get tickets when they go on sale tomorrow.

This all feels a wee bit familiar. When we first moved out to Seattle, it was only a few months before we heard that Tom Waits was going to do a rare tour and play there. We were lucky enough to go and of course it was worth it. And we really haven't gotten to go to as many shows as I was hoping to be able to since we got here, so a show like this should make up for that. I can't wait! Of course we don't even have tickets wish me luck.

Meanwhile, my Dad sent me some links this morning to his concert in Manhattan via NPR's All Songs Considered

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Steve said...

I love the way he ends the "Tower of Song". The Answer one more time, "Do Dum Dum Dum Da Do Dum Dum"!