Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Woes about Supplies

So the bead store I usually shop at had a crazy sale last weekend, everything in the store 20% off. I didn't go crazy, I restrained myself. (I probably should have gone crazier actually.) But it's the fact that I'm there pretty often, something like weekly. (*ahem* also bead shop near where I work for "quick" trips.) Only recently, which I guess is to be expected starting out, but its adding up. I try to be reasonable about every visit but I still feel like I am getting carried away.

Anyway, unless sales pick up a whole lot I think I'm going to try not to buy supplies...see how long I can go. I've been thinking about the idea of knitting up some scarves for the shop. I'm thinking that this way if I run out of beading ideas for supplies I have I will be forced to switch and finally accomplish a scarf for the shop. (I'm oh so clever at tricking myself that way. It's all part of my evil plan. Yeah, that's right, that's as evil as I get. I knit.)

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