Saturday, November 17, 2007

"Operating on four bits of raw fish"

I usually don't "woo" at concerts. But I did a lot of wooing last night at the MIA show. It helps when you can't hear very well anymore, I found. And M.I.A. was worth wooing for. She's definitely evolved as a performer. Back when Arular just came out Chuck and I saw her open for LCD Soundsystem. She still knew how to energize a crowd but seemed like the whole thing was brand new to her. Now she seems to perform with more confidence. Both performances were fantastic. And this time she came armed with an amazing set of visuals. Definitely the best video backdrop I have ever seen at a live show. It made me want to bang on drums with the hopes that cartoonish explosions and drops will result from the impact.

The opener was pretty good, the cool kids. Made me feel a little old on my birthday though, they were bringing back a bit of the early 90s rap and fresh prince style. It doesn't seem old enough to make a come back. (Not that I don't enjoy it.)

Ambika was also there, although I didn't run into her, and she posted some pics on her blog. I never know if it's a good idea to take a camera these days, but at least I can always check flickr for pics by other concert goers, and this time it's a fellow etsyrain member!

So after all of that, it's taking me a while to get going this morning! Woke up late, drinking coffee slowly, and still I feel very groggy. But, I'm about to head out finally to check out that gem show at the seattle center!

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Ambika said...

Shoot, I'm sorry I missed you! It was definitely an amazing show. I'm so used to Seattlites pretending to be indifferent so it was great to see a crowd enjoying themselves.