Wednesday, November 14, 2007

There wasn't an evil plan B!

There's no plan b for my evil plan of not shopping for supplies for a while... I just found out there's a big gem & jewelry show at the Seattle Center this weekend. And my grandma just sent me birthday money with a nice note about how I should "buy whatever pleases" me, jewelry supplies, clothing, etc. And then they go and throw a gem shop on my birthday within walking distance. How are you supposed to have a plan b for that situation? I think my evil plan has officially been thwarted.

Actually, I believe I have been to this particular show before, back in the hometown, Cols, OH. I guess it goes around the country tempting poor unsuspecting etsy sellers on their birthdays. Well ok. Not that situation per se. But close.

So by this point in the post readers may have come to the conclusion that my birthday is soon. Friday. I turn 28. I've been feeling a little freaked out about getting closer to 30 all year, since I turned 27. My reaction to that was pretty much 3 years is year it'll only be two years until I'm 30! ack! But now that it's so soon I feel strangely fine about it. At some point today I realized that I'm happy cause I still have two years before I am 30. So there will still be some freaking out coming my way in a few years...but for now I'm happy about my age!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, Going to see M.I.A. on Friday! Yey! (beware, her website may induce epileptic fits)

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