Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weekend Update

I was a little busy this week so my posting got a bit lighter. Okay, so some of that was obsessing over that whole treasury thing, you may have seen a few posts about that...I think I've had my fill of that for now and I can now have a healthier relationship with etsy treasuries. This one will probably be my last for a little while:

In the non-internet realm, My office is involved in a mentoring program that helps high school students get an understanding of what Architecture, construction management and engineering (for buildings) is all about. They get to create their own project and mentors from all the related fields are there to help them out. So this was the first official week of that program. This is the second year I've been involved and It's challenging, but I'm really glad something like this exists.

Also, I stopped by to check out the etsyrain show at Stir during the artwalk last Thursday. Great space, packed with wonderful goodies and friendly people!

So, it's not just the treasuries causing my light posting this week...really, it's not. I did manage to get a few new items up in my shop this week that I'm particularly happy with. Especially the bracelet! And I think they have nice a autumn palate going. Although autumn is about halfway over by now I suppose!

Golden Bracelet
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