Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cute things

I just got a message via astulabee at Indiepublic about this adorable holiday competition:
Even though I don't know anyone involved personally, I couldn't resist posting a link to the cuteness. There are some great entries. I also was thinking of my Mom who is a big fan of art dolls. That and as an architect I was really impressed by the plush Guggenheim museum by blueblythemonster.

Also, since I'm in a mood to talk about other people today, my friend Ashley keeps posting gorgeous cards over at Every time she posts a new card I'm impressed. And it seems like the perfect time to buy cards. She's got some great seasonal cards, thank you cards and I seem to know a lot of people with birthdays coming up!

I've got some work to do today. I bought a showcase for Tomorrow & Monday. Tomorrow I'll be featured on the Jewelry category page, something etsy just started to offer. Then Monday I will be in the Storque showcase. So hopefully these will go well and get more people interested in my shop! I'm planning on going through my already listed items and reviewing and revising my descriptions. Also I should probably get a few more items ready!

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