Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Magnet Madness

Sunday afternoon was spent in the realm of magnet madness with girls from etsyrain. We discovered it takes a while to cut out a bunch of little round pieces of paper. A hole punch to roughly the correct size was helpful, but the marbles have a little bit more character than a hole punch can handle. I think most of us ended up stopping before the gluing stage, since it was already getting late, so we wouldn't be waiting for the glue to dry. So we each finished them off on our own.

I completed mine last night, and I was debating posting some pictures. At least half of the ones I made are going to be gifted. Maybe more. I haven't decided yet. A few may appear in my shop. But I figure it does just as good for visuals to post some links to the magnets the other etsyrainers have posted in their shops. Anandi's adorable Molecule & Cell magnet set has already sold, and I can see why. Congrats! And I'm sure Kimberly's Green Revolution magnets won't be avaliable much longer either. I can't think of too many items out there that allow you to choose between a message about the environment or good old fun with anagrams!


Dawn said...

I got all of my tiny ones put together last night, and am moving on to the medium and large ones tonight. That Jewel-It glue is pretty amazing!

Anandi said...

Thanks Emma!! I am having such a good time with these magnets - sold 2 sets already and just posted a new one :)

I love the rain cloud necklace - adorable!

And thanks for the link to my blog!